RotosudROTOSUD is a reality that has over 60 years of activity in the sector of printing and wrapping, it has marked the Italian and European graphicpublishing history. 

With the two productive systems, located in Torino and Roma’s areas, Rotosud represents one of the greatest players on the printing market of high circulation products and thanks to the long experience, it offers to its customer high service standards, organizational and productive flexibility, quality of the product. 

Rotosud offers to its customer the complete management of production and delivery of its printed products. To each customer is assigned a devoted and always available account, which follows the life of the product from the receipt of the files to the delivery, in order to guarantee a relevant service standard. Moreover a team of experts checks, in each phase of the production, that the quality of the realized product is always in line with customer’s expectations. Rotosud offers pre-printing, printing and wrapping services.

In its establishments, Rotosud produces directories, yearbooks, journals, catalogs, brochure for the great distribution, books, comics, realizing for many products the whole productive cycle.

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Via Pastore,16 - 47922 Rimini (RN) Italy - Tel. +39 335 689 3523 - E-mail:
VAT IT 04149600407 - Tax code RN 04149600407
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