I.l.t.e.I.l.t.e. - Publishing Typographic Book industry - is an Italian company that operates in the graphic sector of the publishing industry. It is the “typographer” of the actual telephone directories.

I.l.t.e. is one of the most advanced European typographic companies. I.l.t.e. collects, in a single productive site, all the printing and wrapping technologies, beginning from the low circulations to the milion of copies: rotative magazine, offset rotative heatset, offset rotative coldset, offset plain, wrapping, stings metallic, off-set printing, moulding, industrial printing, wrapping, packaging, directories, journals, catalogs, comics, books, advertising promo, free printing scholasticism, yearbooks, catalogs, guides, manuals, CD, DVD).

I.l.t.e. particularly publishes volumes about Art and works of great playwrights,
and it prints periodic and volumes on behalf of third parties.

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Via Pastore,16 - 47922 Rimini (RN) Italy - Tel. +39 335 689 3523 - E-mail: info@digitprintsupplies.com
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